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Tough on Pests, Safe for your Home & Business

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Not just a spray

We don’t just spray & leave your business or home. We help control and monitor your infestation problems to keep them from coming back.

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Licensed & Insured

Our service team is licensed and insured to remove pests from your home or commercial property.

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Top of the Line Extermination

We utilize the latest technology and top of the line chemicals to exterminate cockroaches, ants, spiders, and scorpions.

eco-friendly pest control
Eco friendly technologies

We use eco-friendly extermination and removal products that won’t affect your pets, kids or property. We just keep the pests away.

Medical Offices & Hospitals

Medical facilities

We have a team dedicated to preventing bugs from entering your Las Vegas dental practice, physician’s office, hospital, surgery center and any other medical facility. We also take care of the common areas and pay especially close attention to cafeteria’s and other points where you will find unwanted visitors trying to sneak into your facility



4 step process with each home that comes with a 100% guarantee. First, Power Spray on the exterior perimeter. Second, Granular on the yard perimeter. Third, Dewebbing. Fourth, Optional Interior Spray.


We provide commercial extermination services throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Since pests don’t discriminate which business they visit then neither do we.


We understand working around medical facilities with extermination chemicals. We manage hospitals, surgery centers, dental practices & other medical facilities.


Rodents are germ-filled little creatures that crawl all around your home & business at night destroying your property.


We control bees to prevent them from invading your property and buzzing around your home and family.


Pesky pigeons on your property bring disease and destruction of your property. We remove pigeons from your property quickly & effectively.


Pest control Plan

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Scorpions are Survivors

regular Pest Control doesn’t kill them

Products we apply are proven most effective because they continue working on scorpions after they’re dry, unlike most professional products that only exterminate scorpions on contact! Delivering the BEST Scorpion Pest Control throughout Henderson & the Las Vegas Valley. 

We aim to exterminate scorpions BEFORE they get inside, but there’s the chance of a scorpion getting in before dying. These scorpions get sick from treatment, but can still sting before dying.

If you are between treatments & find scorpions in your home, we come out to your home at no extra charge.

Monthly treatment maintains that active barrier around your home, and yard, and does not wear off between services! After we’ve exterminated scorpions inside your home, we maintain control from the outside – BEFORE they can enter your home. 

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Great service! They were on time and super efficient! We haven’t seen any bugs at all… safe to say we are pretty satisfied.

Lottie Weaver

Satisfied Customer


Excellent service. They are on-time, very reliable and the price is reasonable. They send you reminder messages and status updates. The chemical that they use is very effective. I would highly recommend them!


Happy Customer



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